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About this Car

Drawing inspiration from panel vans on the road back in the 1930's, Chrysler scored big when it designed and produced the PT Cruiser. Its popularity was undeniable. You could not swing a cat without hitting one! It is still offers itself as a good choice for people who buy cars because they are interesting looking. It was also quite practical beneath all that jazz, with a roomy cabin and special back seats that could be arranged in any number of ways. The models with the turbo were spirited on the road, the ride was nice and the car was priced so that you didn't have to be the Sultan of Brunei to buy one. All of this points to the fact that a used PT Cruiser remains a great deal. For those of you that wonder what that "PT" means, it stands for "Personal Transport" -- and, a bit of trivia here, it is an abbreviation of another Chrysler concept, the Pronto Cruiser, which shares much of the same retro feel. Oddly enough, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration officially classifies it as a truck. Chrysler even designed it to be a “light truck” to meet the fuel economy standards of their truck lineup. While the body styles stayed the same, model names, marked by badges on the lift-gate, boasted monikers like Classic Edition, Touring Edition, Limited Edition, "Dream Cruiser", "Street Cruiser", “Street Cruiser", “Pacific Coast Highway Edition" and GT.

Exterior color options, which vary over the model years include Black, Deep Cranberry (Dark Purple), Inferno Red (Dark Red), Patriot Blue (Dark Blue), Stone White (Off-White), Bright Silver (Light Silver), Inca Gold (Medium Gold), Light Almond (Medium Tan) and Steel Blue (Grayish Blue). Later additions to the color lineup include Taupe Frost (Greenish Gray), Midnight Blue (Dark Blue), Cool Vanilla (Light Cream), Dark Plum (Dark Purple), Surf Blue (Medium Blue) and Melbourne Green (Dark Green). Interior color options include Taupe/Pearl Beige (Medium Greenish Tan/Light Tan), Pastel Slate Gray (Medium Gray) and Pastel Pebble Beige (Light Brown), Upholstery is of cloth, unless, in some models, you upgrade to leather. Colors used for the cloth top vary by year and body-color options.

Produced from 2001 - 2010 in 4-door wagon form and 2005 - 2008 in 2-door convertible form, the PT Cruiser offered lots of passenger room, a two-tiered luggage area and lots of cargo space, too (close to 77 cu-ft of it). During its lifetime, the standard engine for the used PT Cruiser was a 2.4L 4-cylinder that was good for 150-hp. Both a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual transmission were options. In 2003, Chrysler made the addition of a turbocharger to a GT model. They discontinued this model and option in 2007. For consumers that wanted a stronger engine after that year, they could get a 180 horsepower turbo engine (on select models only) through 2009.

Aside from a small cabin style refresh in 2006 and a few more features (Bluetooth, an auxiliary audio jack) sprinkled in here and there, the PT Cruiser remained the same for most of its run. It rode well, was comfortable, and could carry a lot of stuff and, as such, it is still a good option. If you want a little style, the PT Cruiser drop-top (convertible) is a good choice, too. To get yourself a little of that style, come by our dealership in Phoenix Arizona to find the best price on a certified pre-owned model for sale.


Options and Trims

Through the years, features and models have come, changed or disappeared. When you want to see the features on a PT Cruiser near the Phoenix AZ region, stop in and have a look at the certified PT Cruiser models we have at our dealership. Some of the aforementioned features are alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, A/C, a trip computer, CD audio systems, power accessories, keyless entry, a tilting steering wheel and more. There were stand-alone options such as a sunroof to gather in all that bright Phoenix AZ sunshine, heated seats for the front for when that hot desert cools off at night, audio jacks and satellite radio.


Special Features of the Interior Design

While the exterior styling of the PT Cruiser definitely reflects its retro theme, the interior does it as well, though with a bit more subtlety. The shifter knob that looks like it came out of a 1940's milk truck and the thin spokes of the steering wheels are just a couple of the built-in reminders of days long gone. Don’t worry yourself looking all over Phoenix Arizona looking a PT Cruiser for sale by owner, just come see what certified models we have on our lot. We will get you a good deal during a promotion, even if you have bad credit!


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