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A Bit of History

Going a ways back in automotive history, the Chrysler 300 has been a presence since the 1950's. It was the first car to have a Hemi 5.4L V8 that made 300 horses. First debuted in 1955 as the "300", it took its design cues from the two-door hardtop New Yorker. Chrysler started to add letters to the "300" in following years to correspond to the differing styles (which even included a convertible model). In '57, Chrysler introduced the 300-C, which enthusiasts consider the most attractive of the early models. Hemi motors were dropped in 1959 although the letter names were still in use until the 300-L in '65. From then, they just called the car the 300 for the next seven generations, which ended in 1971. The name then went dormant for two decades until 1999's 300M front-wheel-drive sedan with the "cab-forward" LH framework by Chrysler, which lasted until 2004. In the middle of that decade, the brand came back to life with a new mission. Owing to its retro-style, strong V8's, gentle road behavior and (RWD) rear-wheel-drive, the car was a big hit right off the bat. While interest didn't stay at that high for long, Chrysler has reinvented the 300 and made it a real competitor for even luxury badges.


This Generation

Current generation used Chrysler 300 models you find near Phoenix Arizona for sale at the best price at our dealership carry five passengers. Power is put to the ground by way of two drive options, AWD (all-wheel-drive) and RWD (rear-wheel-drive). The special platform on which it is built shares its bones with Dodge's Challenger and Charger models and the mechanics of the car with technology by Mercedes-Benz. The new model is designed to catch the interest of people who want to buy a Chrysler 300 that offers a little more in the way of personality than most sedans.

Exterior color choices for the 2000 model year and up run the gamut from Stone White (Off-White), Shale Green (Medium Green), Inferno Red (Medium Red), Dark Garnet (Dark Purplish Red), Champagne (Light Gold), Black, Steel Blue (Dark Gray-Blue), Onyx Green (Dark Green), Deep Sapphire Blue (Dark Blue) to Cinnamon Glaze (Light Tan) in the mid-2000's. In the later half of the decade, other colors joined the line, like Bright Silver (Light Silver), Butane Blue (Light Gray-Blue), Deep Lava Red (Reddish Black), Cool Vanilla (Cream-White), Clearwater Blue (Medium Blue) and Light Sandstone (Medium Gold). Interior color options for the Chrysler 300 haven't changed a great deal, except for some two-tone options later in the decade. They include Sandstone (Dark Brown), Light Taupe (Medium Brown), Dark Slate Gray (Dark Gray), Dark Khaki/Light Graystone (Dark Brown/Light Gray) and Dark Graystone/Light Graystone (Dark Gray/Light Gray). All upholstery is made with high-quality cloth, unless upgraded to leather in an options package.


Great Styling

The style of a pre-owned Chrysler 300 you find in the Phoenix AZ area is now more refined, but still definitely American. The massive retro-styled chrome grille, large wheels, swooping fenders, high waistline and sparkling headlights impart a strong and masculine road-presence that appeals to enthusiasts. The cabin is more than spacious with generous legroom in both the front and the rear that puts the competition to shame. The interior is elegant, simple and fitted out with high-quality materials that are great to look at and pleasing to the touch. Even the base models rival high-class luxury vehicles.

Chrysler 300 models have the same build as before, but the structure is stiffer, the suspension re-tuned for better handling and the steering electrically assisted for driving ease. Chrysler also gave the car one of the quietest cabins on the road by adding an abundance of sound-dampening materials throughout the vehicle.



Engine options range from a 2.7L V6 good for 178 horsepower, through a 3.5L V6 that makes 250 horsepower, both paired with a 4-speed automatic, to a 5.7L V8/5-speed automatic that creates close to 355 hp. There is no manual transmission option for these cars. The biggest motor available on a used Chrysler 300 comes on the SRT8 model. The big 6.1L V8 makes an impressive 425 horsepower that needs bigger brakes, a stiffer suspension and larger wheels to handle all that power.


This Generation

Options Throughout the 2000's

There are many features, both standard and optional, for the Chrysler 300. The features vary by model year and trim level. They include such items as air-conditioning, different levels of audio systems that range from simple 4-speaker CD systems to 12-speaker Boston Acoustics systems that even have subwoofers. Power adjustable seats, cruise control (adaptive on later models), auto-dimming headlights, leather upholstery, chrome or alloy wheels, remote/keyless entry/start systems, powered and folding mirrors and heated seats are other available items. Electronic/Infotainment/Safety features include such items as Bluetooth audio/phone connectivity, rain-sensing wipers, sunroofs to let in the Phoenix Arizona sun, blind-spot monitoring/cross-path warning systems, navigation systems with touchscreen interfaces, rear-seat DVD entertainment systems, rearview cameras, and rear parking sensors.


Driving One

Any model of the Chrysler 300 glides over the tarmac in true luxury-car fashion and style. They are not only pleasurable to drive; they are a pleasure to ride in, too. The various engine/drive/transmission options that are available make it simple to match your car to your personal needs. No matter which model you choose, you will not be disappointed. When you are ready to get your Chrysler 300, come see us at our Phoenix AZ region dealership instead of looking for one for sale by owner. We have a certified preowned model for you, even if you have bad credit! Visit us during a promotion and get a quote from us.

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